Respinte un sacco di cause contro CoH

NCsoft ha avuto qualche grattacapo con Marvel a quanto sembra riguardo ai diritti d’autore del suo MMORPG “City of Heroes”.

Ma sembra che le accuse siano state respinte dal giudice R. Gary Klausner.
Ecco la news:
Comic book giant Marvel’s legal action against City of Heroes publisher NCsoft Corporation and developer Cryptic Studios has taken a heavy blow this week after a US district court judge in Los Angeles dismissed a number of key claims.

Judge R. Gary Klausner dismissed more than half of Marvel’s claims, NCsoft revealed in a statement this afternoon, including Marvel’s claims that the defendants directly infringed Marvel’s registered trademarks.

Judge Klausner also agreed with the defendants that some of Marvel’s allegations and exhibits should be stricken as “false and sham” because they were not actually created by users of the game but by Marvel itself.

He further dismissed Marvel’s claim for a judicial declaration that defendants are not an online service provider under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which offers a degree of protection in such cases.

Furthermore, he dismissed these claims without leave to amend, meaning Marvel cannot file them again.

The court also cited a 1984 Supreme Court case which holds that the sale of VCRs does not violate copyright law, noting, “It is uncontested that Defendants’ game has a substantial non-infringing use. Generally the sale of products with substantial non-infringing uses does not evoke liability for contributory copyright infringement.”

In other words, the court is satisfied that City of Heroes is primarily a massively multiplayer online role-playing game and not a copyright infringement tool.

While certain claims were allowed to survive the motion to dismiss, the defendants have 10 days in which to answer and dispute them and asset legal defences, and NCsoft and Cryptic Studios are confident of overcoming them.

This latest news of the case comes after the defendants issued an impassioned plea in their motion to dismiss defending the creative freedoms of artists and declaring that if its character creation tools were deemed illegal, so should be the pencil and other creative implements.

Gods and Heroes, MMORPG in progress

Perpetual Entertainment, la celebre compagnia sviluppatrice del futuro MMORPG ambientato nell’universo di Star Trek, ha annunciato oggi lo sviluppo di un nuovo gioco di ruolo massive multiplayer online (per rimanere in tema) intitolato Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising.

Il titolo è ambientato nella Roma antica del 300 A.C. dove i giocatori si ritroveranno a combattere con diversi tipi di nemici, compresi i mostri della mitologia. I giocatori saranno assistiti da una delle dodici divinità presenti nel gioco, i cui poteri potranno essere controllati dagli stessi giocatori.

Perpetual Entertainment website

ecco qualche screen del gioco:

Fonte: Iama

SONY promette vita facile per lo sviluppatore

A quanto pare, pur se non è arrivata ad elencare prodotti come MS ne ha avuto società che hanno “garantito” il loro supporto, Sony è stata chiara nell’indicare che lavorare su PS3 sarà molto più facile che non su PS2.

E la cosa non può che far felici indicando che la qualità media delle produzioni su PS3 si alzerà rispetto a PS2.

Ecco l’articolo.

Vale la pena anche leggere la parte in neretto che chiaramente mostra quanto i chip non siano fatti di magia e quanto il Cell, per quanto molto diverso, concettualmente non è così lontano da un IBM Power Chip.

Riconfermando così proprio per bocca di Sony un articolo già discusso sul forum di Tekwar

GDC: Sony promises developers an easy ride on PS3

Market leader pledges to avoid the mistakes of the last generation.

Game development for Sony’s next-generation PlayStation will be made significantly easier by the availability of high-level, familiar tools and interfaces for the platform from the outset, SCEA dev relations manager Mark DeLoura has promised.

Speaking at one of the first ever open sessions on PlayStation 3 development, DeLoura focused on Sony’s efforts to ensure that the platform is easy to get up and running on – addressing common concerns that the new Cell architecture may be difficult for developers to get to grips with.

The shadow of the difficulties developers faced with PlayStation 2 still looms over Sony, to the extent that even Microsoft’s J Allard had a pop at the company’s developer-unfriendly track record in his keynote address on Wednesday morning.

The PlayStation Portable’s comprehensive set of tools and APIs has largely been well-received by developers, but for PlayStation 3, the company plans to go even further – adopting a number of familiar industry standard systems that will give game creators a running start on the platform.

DeLoura told a packed audience that Sony is working with the consortium behind well-known PC graphics interface standard OpenGL to create a specialised version of the library which is optimised for interactive games, by stripping out much of the unnecessary bloat in the library.

The second part of the firm’s graphics software will be Cg, a high-level language created by NVIDIA for programming shaders to create advanced graphical effects, which is rapidly becoming the standard way to build these effects on the PC platform.

In terms of the Cell microprocessor itself, it would be difficult for any tool to fully mask the complexity of moving to a multi-processor architecture – a problem which developers on Microsoft’s Xenon platform will also face – with SCEA research director describing the task of making all the processing units work together as being similar to writing music for an orchestra.

However, Sony has at least pledged that the chip will be easy to control with C code, rather than requiring the hand-coding of large blocks of low-level assembler – one of the major difficulties of PlayStation 2 development, which tripped many projects up in the early days of the platform before coders began to specialise in that field.

Sony’s announcements served as a timely rebuttal to J Allard’s comments only a few hours before, and suggest that the company is taking the question of developer support extremely seriously with PlayStation 3. The news was welcomed by developers at the show, but didn’t seem to come as a surprise to many.

“The next PlayStation is basically using a PC style graphics part, and Cell is basically an IBM Power chip with some extra pipelines,” one US developer commented after the presentation. “It’s not that different to Microsoft’s box – we think it’s a bit more powerful, but the basic hardware is kind of similar. It makes sense that both of them will have good tools this time around. It won’t be like last generation when Xbox was a coder’s friend and PS2 was a nightmare. Sony won’t let that happen.”

Sony also revealed that it is working closely with the creators of key development tools to build a standard format for storing game assets, called Collada, which will be based on the XML specification and will allow assets to be easily ported between projects and tools.

Fonte: McValdemar (

Revolution retrocompatibile

In questi giorni nintendo dà molto a parlare di sè, prima se ne esce con una notizia di non retro compatibilità e invece oggi è proprio il presidente Iwata a confermare la notizia, la prossima console Nintendo sarà retrocompatibile.

Potete vedere la news di IGN qui di seguito con la parte importante evidenziata in grassetto:

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata delivered his keynote speech at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco on Thursday. The company head outlined the publisher’s philosophies in regard to its next-generation console, which is codenamed Revolution. Iwata once more reiterated that while cutting edge graphics and audio are to be expected, Nintendo hopes to deliver a new gaming dynamic that will enhance the way players enjoy its software.

However, Iwata also announced Nintendo’s two major hardware partners for Revolution, both previously rumored to be working on the console and both industry stand-outs. IBM is deep in development with the CPU that will provide the processing power of the machine. The chip is codenamed “Broadway,” according to Nintendo. Meanwhile, ATI, which developed the GameCube’s graphics chip, is underway with GPU for Revolution. The chip is codenamed “Hollywood,” according to Nintendo.
Iwata explained the reasoning behind each codename. The CPU is called Broadway because, according to the executive, “Broadway is the capital of movie entertainment.” Meanwhile, Iwata said that the GPU’s name stems from the fact that “Hollywood is the capital of movie entertainment.” He added: “With Revolution, we are determined to create the new capital of interactive entertainment.”

“We’re excited to be developing the graphics chip set for Revolution, which continues our longstanding relationship with Nintendo,” explained Dave Orton, ATI Technologies’ president and chief executive officer. “As the leading graphics provider, ATI is committed to delivering exceptional visual performance that enables consumers to interact with new and visually compelling digital worlds. ATI is proud to support Nintendo’s innovative contributions to gaming.”

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata

Iwata also announced that Revolution would feature backward compatibility with GameCube, which means that consumers will be able to play GCN software on the next console.

In addition, the Nintendo president said that Revolution would be Wi-Fi compatible out of the box. The revelation goes hand-in-hand with the company’s newly announced DS online network, which enables owners of the handheld to connect to the Internet wirelessly and play against each other.

The publisher’s leader reassured attendees that Nintendo would be counting on third parties to support Revolution
. “We will be expanding our development reach,” he stated. “Some of these [future] games will come from larger internal development teams. Some from the kinds of relationships we’ve formed with third parties over the years.”

He indicated that Revolution, like GameCube, would be designed to appeal to development studios regardless of how fundamentally changed the console itself might prove to be. “Even though the game experience will be far different on Revolution, developing for it will be quite familiar,” he said.

Finally, Iwata introduced a brand new trailer for the anticipated GameCube title The Legend of Zelda. Naturally, onlookers were blown away.

“This is Nintendo’s plan: make our existing game world better,” Iwata said. “For us, this is a passion. This is a mission of adventure,” Iwata explained.

The Nintendo head promised more details on Revolution and the DS wireless network at the Electronics Entertainment Expo 2005, which kicks off this May in Los Angeles.

IGN’s DS sister site has full details on all the Nintendo DS related announcements made Thursday.

Fable 1.5 esiste…ma per PC

Ebbene si, con Fable il discorso non è ancora chiuso, la versione pompata sarà per PC, così dice MS, intanto godetevi gli screenshot.

dal sito ufficiale xbox

Based on the best-selling, award-winning Xbox title, Fable: The Lost Chapters is now fully optimized for the Windows platform, complete with expanded content, greater customization, new quests and enhanced graphics. In this groundbreaking role-playing adventure game from Lionhead Studios, every action determines a character’s skills, appearance and morality. A character’s life story is created from childhood through adulthood and on to old age. One can grow from an inexperienced child into the most powerful being in the world, spoken of by all and immortalized in legend. As additional story and side quests await, so too does the path of righteousness, as well as the life of evil. With every choice, a character transforms into a reflection of his actions and decisions. Age leaves characters wizened and battle leaves characters scarred in the world of Fable: The Lost Chapters.

With experience comes character advancement and physical change. These changes may take the form of expanding muscles, development of a keen eye or even the buzz of magical energies around fingertips. Villagers and NPCs comment on successes, failures, appearances and behaviors. Their many opinions are expressed through applause, mockery, trepidation, panic and even flirtation. With each good deed or creature slain, the world is changed forever. In Fable: The Lost Chapters, gamers decide: “Who will I be?”

The original Fable sold more than 1.4 million copies and was highly acclaimed, earning numerous awards from the industry’s top print, broadcast and online outlets. Fable: The Lost Chapters is being developed by world-renowned Lionhead Studios.


Experience expanded content. Explore the original worlds and core missions of Fable that thrilled Xbox gamers and discover additional regions, storylines and side quests, as well as optional missions with Fable: The Lost Chapters. In addition, Fable: The Lost Chapters offers the ability to fight new monsters, practice an expanded group of spells, don new armor, wield additional weapons and interact with new expressions.

Witness stunning graphics. Fable: The Lost Chapters is fully optimized for the Windows platform, bringing with it breath-taking graphics that allow you to view the world of Albion at its best.

Forge a hero based on actions. Heroes age and evolve through the actions players choose and the paths they follow ? be it for good, evil or in between. Those who ply the way of the sword will see their muscles bulge. Those who weave the dark arts will witness power crackle at their fingertips. And those who rely on speed and stealth will develop lightning-like reflexes and eagle-eyed accuracy.

Engage in intense real-time combat. Players collect battle scars as they duel with cunning foes and deadly creatures. They can master an array of deadly weapons as they hone the art of blade-craft, hunt their quarry using subterfuge and stealth, or weave death from the elements as they harness the dark arts of the arcane.
Build a living legend. Through deeds and actions, Fable: The Lost Chapters players build a name for their character across the land. They can recruit allies and followers, gain glory or notoriety, make friends and enemies, the whole time interacting with a living world of people, places and events all reactive to them.
Shape and exploring a living, evolving world. Players champion or manipulate an ever-changing land with competitive and cooperative heroes, dynamic weather systems, and environments teeming with cultures, creatures, citizens and cities.
Hone scores of unique skills and extras. Players master new abilities and add possessions as their character develops. They can master the art of thievery, acquire a family, real estate, clothing or tattoos, and more. Fable: The Lost Chapters expands these offerings, providing the player with even more customization choices.

Never play the same game twice. Once an adventure has been completed, players can forge a new tale full of unexpected twists and turns, with new skills, powers, influences, allies and enemies.

Supporto tutto italiano da SEGA

Sembra che Sega of Europe abbia finalmente dato a una persona italiana la responsabilità del supporto italiano.

Dando un occhiata al sito ufficiale di Sega of Europe alla voce supporto compare finalmente la voce Italia e non porta il solito numero “Made in UK”.

Il numero comunque non sembra di un telefono fisso, almeno sembra non comparire nelle pagine bianche.

Potrebbe essere un numero di un cellulare ma alquanto vecchio (ha ancora lo 0 e manca una cifra).

Il numero è attivo dal Lunedì – Venerdì / 09.00 – 13.00 / 14.00 – 20.00

Non resta che provare a vedere se funziona,sarebbe un grande passo avanti per Sega in Italia.

Football Manager 2005 – Grande aggiornamento e patch!

Sports Interactive e SEGA hanno realizzato un corposo aggiornamento per Football Manager 2005, migliorando sensibilmente l’intero gioco.

L’aggiornamento, disponibile gratuitamente da oggi, comprende tutti i cambi di formazione e personale verificatisi nel mondo del calcio dalla pubblicazione del gioco, il 4 novembre 2004, compresa la recente chiusura della finestra dei trasferimenti del 31 gennaio. L’aggiornamento comprende oltre 160mila trasferimenti di giocatori e personale di allenamento e gestione.

“Siamo molto felici di offrire ai nostri fan questo ringraziamento per riconoscere il sostegno che ci hanno mostrato, ed è magnifico che SEGA ci abbia dato il permesso di farlo,” ha dichiarato Miles Jacobson, direttore responsabile di Sports Interactive. “Football Manager è diventato il gioco preferito da tutti i fan del calcio grazie al livello di realismo che offre ai giocatori, e questo aggiornamento può solo migliorare l’esperienza.”

Scarica l’aggiornamento e la patch dal sito web di Sports Interactive:

Questa patch non è progettata per la versione giapponese di Football Manager.

BATTLE ANGEL ALITA: probabile su Xbox 2

James Cameron sta realizzando un film basato su CG che si ispira al famoso OAV Battle Angel Allita.

Non solo.

Egli ha specificato che il film è prodotto parallelamente al videogioco, creando due prodotti COMPLEMENTARI.
E vista la genialità di Cameron la cosa è molto interessante.

Aggiungiamo poi che l’annuncio del VG è avvenuto durante la conferenza MS sul prossimo Xbox, quindi, per quanto non esistano piattaforme specifiche, è molto probabile che Xbox 2 sarà in cima alla lista delle console che potrebbero ospitare questo prodotto che potrebbe rivedere il modo di fare i Tie In.


E, in maniera “simulativa” vengono proprio dal sito ufficiale nel quale sono date come INDICATIVE dell’interfaccia.

Palese la vicinanza con l’interfaccia estremamente user friendly del MediaCenter.

E siccome il MC entrerà sicuramente anche attraverso Xbox, per quanto sia un interfaccia meno da console rispetto quella di Xbox, sono convinto che per un discorso di uniformità di approccio (che aiuterebbe a renderla quasi uno standard) è molto probabile che la definitva sarà proprio questa.

Ma questo è solo un mio parere.

Il video si scarica da teamxbox

Intanto watch game ci svela questo ADV che dice che il nome dell’ “xbox 2” sarà Xbox Next e scredita gli avversari: xbox2, xbox 360 e xenon…