Lobby e quest natalizia

From December 2 Following period limited Quest can enjoy itself before January 5.

“Pioneer Christmas”
(On-line Qwest / event / for one persons)

From December 2 to furthermore, January The ornament of Christmas is given to a visual lobby before 5 days.

Thurs., December 2 – January 5: Christmas lobby

Video e immagini di PSO ep.4

Ancora video e immagini per Episodio 4 in questi giorni.

Inoltre ecco i nomi dei nuovi mostri presenti in queste nuove aree:


Ba Buuta

Ze Buuta


Satelite Lizard



ecco le immagini:

e un bel videozzo da 39 mega e 11 minutidi durata.


The Good

The scenary, texture and detail is quite exceptional compared to the other levels we’ve seen. You can definitely tell SEGA used a good portion of their budget there. The monsters are quite detailed as well. The animation is slick and smooth. The environment most importantly the cactus is quite interesting… making you take damage if you touch it, most likely very deadly in ultimate. In 9-1 of course you see Sue nad Kireek so they’re back and continuing the Sue plotline (Where’s Bernie? Guess he rotted away in Ruins 2.. maybe Montague will appear…) The music definitely has a nice nostagalic feeling to it with the PS III theme in it. Its not too overly exciting music but its nice to hear the PS III part when running through Wilds.

The Bad

The maps are rather repetitive for now. Not many variations. SEGA could really become more innovative with the gates atleast but they’re just stupid laser fences from before.

The Ugly

I think SEGA spent so much portion of their budget on the graphics department that the monster AI department is left to be desired. WILDS = FOREST EXCEPT FOR DOLPHON THE OVERSIZED DELBITER. I mean cmon! Astark is a fucking hildebear. It even roars like one -_- The lizards jellen and zalure themselves if their leader is gone… maybe SEGA got lazy for the beta and is saving the good AI for the retail version I HOPE.

Nuove Quest per Halloween

Sono disponibili online l’evento di HALLOWEEN con la sua Quest per prendere le Jack’o’Lantern e 2 quest.

La Lobby è decorata a modi HALLOWEEN

Ora per un limitato periodo di tempo è possibile vincere i Jack’o’Lantern da cui si ricavano alcune mag cell(tra cui il chao,robo chao, soniti,…).
trovate guida e mag qui

Le due quest aggiunte sono la:

– Phantasmal World #1

– Phantasmal World #2

Ambientate in episodio 2 se non sbaglio, presto le guide sul sito 😉